Life Doesn’t Get Any Better

Sophie’s Always Looking Cool for the House

by Beverly Seffel

It’s cool outside, I’m working from home today for the greatest charity on earth, I work with the best people in Austin, I’ve got one of my cats on my desk and Sophie (my dog)  is in her car seat next to me….Life doesn’t get any better!  I forgot to add I’m in my house dress, drinking coffee, listening to Pandora Radio!!!!!

Today I’m looking for people who want to help families in need, if you are one of these people who want to make an impact in Austin, remember I’m always in need of YOU!

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2 Responses to Life Doesn’t Get Any Better

  1. Jan Gunter says:

    Wow, Bev, way to make a girl jealous. I mean, I’m happily working away here at the office, and you’re kicked back at home, hanging out with your dog, chilling in your house dress. Of course, then, I don’t even have a house dress or a dog, so there you go. Maybe that’s where I went wrong . . . .

    • Beverly Seffel says:

      Don’t be to happy for me, I’m back in the office today and I have my clothes on, no dog, and no coffee!

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