The “Real World”

 by Meagan McCowen

Ever since the beginning of our school years, we worked hard to get through classes and finish the school year. We looked forward to the next school year when we would be so much older than the previous year. When the college years came, we worked even more rigorously to finish and finally enter the “real world”.  Well to be quite honest, the real world is not as glorious as you may think!

While it is fun to be more in control of your life decisions, and not to mention be finished studying, the reality is a lot different. During my school years I knew what my goals were and I was constantly striving for good grades and the continuation of the next school year. When I finally graduated, I realized that the “real world” is completely different and I had to develop new goals and dreams. It was hard for me not to feel alone in my fears of the new stage of life or that I was the only one embarking that tough transition from college to career life.

Ronald McDonald House Austin helped make the transition so much easier. When I graduated, they welcomed me on their team as an intern and helped me realize that there can be a wonderful community of people outside of your school friends. The entire staff is very welcoming and treats each other like family, making me feel right at home.

Ronald McDonald with the volunteers!

Just like RMHC Austin welcomed me, they do the same for so many visiting families that are going through difficult transitions in their life. I believe that the people that work at Ronald McDonald are what make it an actual “home away from home”, and I am so thankful to have started my life in the “real world” with their support!

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4 Responses to The “Real World”

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  2. ann jerome says:

    Beautifully said Meagan!! May your journey in the “real world” be fun, successful and continue to keep you dreaming and setting goals for the rest of your life!!! We LOVE having you here at the House –

  3. Jan Gunter says:

    We’re glad to be part of the beginning of your “real world” experience, Meagan! So glad you’ve been here, and no doubt you are going to manage quite well as you move on from this internship.


  4. Ben Cook says:

    Good for you, Meagan, for getting into the real world. I know Amber felt extremely welcomed at RMHC Austin, too.

    Of course, if you need some ideas for how to postpone the real world, I have experience with several: Peace Corps, grad school, living in Savannah . . . 😉

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