Here comes the Easter Bunny…

The following is the first of our Guest Blog Posts and is written by Amber Fricke, our former Communications Intern who was with us in early 2011. It is important to note that Amber’s first project as an intern was to set up our blog and get us started blogging! She helped us set up a large cast of RMHC writers and have a clear understanding of why we are doing this. Mostly she helped us envision how much fun blogging can be!
It is surely fitting, then, that Amber is our first guest blogger.  (Would you like to write a guest blog post for us? Email me at jgunter at and we’ll talk!)
 – Jan  Gunter

by Amber Fricke

I am one of those people who goes a little crazy over holidays.

Christmas Tree 2010 only took about an hour to pick out. Pretty perfect.

One of my favorite pastimes is perusing the clearance aisles of craft stores for discounted decorations, and I can find a cookie that needs baking for just about every holiday. The selecting of a Christmas tree is very serious to me and the first fight my fiance’, Ben, and I got into was about whether or not we’d tell our hypothetical children the Santa secret. And while it’s true that I grew up practicing the Christian holiday traditions, I’m pretty sure I could get into decorating for Hanukkah, dancing at Kwanzaa and cooking for Passover, too.

Ben being a good sport during a trip to the pumpkin patch.

As this Easter approaches, I find myself a little apprehensive to turn the holiday planning over to my future in-laws. I have no doubt that Easter in Fort Worth will be great, but chances are Ben’s family won’t wake up at 6am in time for sunrise service on the beach (I mean, honestly, this is Texas. What beach?) The adults in his family probably aren’t as eager to compete in a giant Easter egg hunt or play barefoot softball at the park before a picnic dinner. And for a minute, thinking about those changes makes me a little sad.

But when the nostalgic moments pass, the true importance of all the holiday traditions still shines through–family. When it comes down to it, the picnic dinner isn’t the important part–the people surrounding the blanket are. I can guarantee you that the families staying at the Ronald McDonald House this Easter are doing things a little differently than they have in past years. I’m sure they never counted on doctors and nurses playing such a large role in their celebrations, and while dinner in the House dining room is pretty great, it still isn’t the same as eating at their kitchen table. But the important thing is that they can be together, that RMHC Austin helps provide that opportunity for people with children who are hospitalized over the holidays. I am thankful to be able to spend holidays with family, whether that family is back in Florida or here in Texas. I know that the families staying at the House are thankful for the same thing.

And to be honest, who likes beach sand in their ham anyway?

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12 Responses to Here comes the Easter Bunny…

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  3. Ben Cook says:

    Thanks for bringing your holiday spirit to me and my family! You’re the best.

  4. Jan Gunter says:

    Ahh…. Amber – I love your style! Have a wonderful Easter in Ft. Worth with Ben’s family. And come back to Austin soon!!

  5. Mary Friend says:

    Great job Amber! I am at the RMH in Indianapolis, Indiana and have been following Austin’s blog to get ideas on how we could do one. You did a great job in setting it up and I enjoyed your guest entry. Good luck.

    • rmhcaustin says:

      Hi Mary! Thanks for the kind comment, but the RMHC “cast” members are the true hard workers. Setting up a blog is far easier than maintaining one! I’ll keep a lookout for great things to come from RMH Indy.

  6. Jane Rose says:

    We miss you, Amber! But it sounds like you’re doing great and are ready for the holiday- what an awesome post! Hope the Bunny leaves you many happy surprises!

  7. ann jerome says:

    How fun to merge your holiday styles!!! So great to see your name and the blog post today!! Happy Easter to you and Ben –

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