It’s My Mother

We are the "children" caring for our elderly parents.

My wife and I are in are 50’s and are lucky to have our mothers alive. At her work, many of her co-workers are also the same age. They too struggle with balancing a full-time job and the needs of the family. Many of her friends have moms that are going through difficult times. One of their slogans is “if it’s not one thing, it’s my mother.”

I am sure that those of you who meet the demands of a busy life and also take care of a parent can identify with their slogan. As a matter of fact, those of you who are brave enough to take care of a family member can attest that the love you have for that relative member overrides the need for your sanity.

Caring for our families sometimes overrides our need for sanity.

I don’t remember how many family members I have checked into the Ronald McDonald House who did not know what the date or time was or hardly had much “sanity” left. Their concern was focused on their family member that was in the hospital and as I tell them, that is where it should be.

Speaking of taking care of a family member, my mother just had surgery and I recently went to stay with her for the first few days following surgery. I could barely get away from home to go be with her since my mother-in-law is at my house because she just had knee replacement surgery. If it’s not one thing it’s my mother. So if you see me spaced out be as kind to me as you are with out RMH families.

Danny Reyna

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2 Responses to It’s My Mother

  1. Elizabeth Williams says:

    Danny, I can certainly relate to your family situation right now! As my mom has been in the hospital and now in a new residence, I am so thankful for her wonderful attitude! It has made all the difference in this transition! May we all remain flexible and grateful!!

  2. Jan Gunter says:

    Thanks for sharing your story, Danny. I found that helping care for my dad in his last years was one of the sweetest experiences of my life. I’m glad your mothers are still around and that you guys are caring for them so well!

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