Our Volunteers ROCK!

by Jane Rose

Not only is April National Volunteer Month, this week specifically has been set aside as Volunteer Appreciation Week.  And boy howdy, do we ever appreciate our volunteers!

R.O. ready to help!

Marvelous Mary with one of her cakes.

We count on our volunteers to help with so many things:  helping answer our phones and greet our families and other guests at the House, stepping in to help with administrative tasks, helping clean the House,

The Insphere team are great cooks, too!

preparing lunch and dinner at the House every day, providing manual labor for our special events like Bandanna Ball and the Lights of Love 5K,

Missy makes the Family Room “home.”

staffing our Family Room at St David’s Women’s Center of Texas, and much, much more.  (Soon we’ll have a new Family Room at Dell Children’s Medical Center and we need volunteers for it, too!)

UT ADPi helping sort t-shirts.

Cyndi helps keep our data organized.

There are also volunteers who hold fundraisers for us, or bring us donations from wish list drives that they have held.  They are just as important to us, supplying us with the funds and items we need to keep the House running every day.

Texas State ADPi baking cookies – yum!

One tag line I’ve read on a coworker’s email says “There’s no place like home…but ours comes close.”  And it’s because of the efforts of so many volunteers that this sentiment rings so true. Many families tell us that they couldn’t do without us, but we RMHC staff members know that we can’t do all that we do without the tremendous  love, time and effort that our volunteers give us.

So here’s a big THANK YOU to everyone who is currently volunteering or who has ever volunteered with us.  Your support means the world to us and all the families that we serve.  You are appreciated more than you can possibly know.  And not just this week, but always.

Thanks to ALL our volunteers!

Just wanted to end with one of my favorite quotes about appreciating volunteers:  “Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless.   ~Sherry Anderson”

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