When it goes from crazy to quiet

by Missy Strittmatter

I am sure many of you have worked on big projects either for work or as a volunteer.  What I am consistently amazed by, when working on big projects, is how in the matter of a day, even hours, you can go from 100% in, all-go-no-quit mode, to quiet mode.  And how that radical change can be both comforting and unsettling.

Saturday March 26, we had the very best Bandana Ball we have ever had and the day of the event, I started communicating via text, phone, and email at 6:00 a.m.  I did not stop “talking” until 1:00 a.m. Sunday morning when I went to sleep.  I was blessed with so many fabulous team mates who helped us achieve success and there was so much to communicate as we led up to the big night.

But when I got up on Sunday, it was quiet.  I spoke to maybe 2 people via phone, another couple via text and almost no one via email.  It was just quiet.  It is interesting how that pace can change so quickly and I find that I need a few days to get used to it.  It is not unlike a car that has slammed on the brakes.  The car stops but the objects inside of the car still move for a few second.

I hear Reese is Type-A. Guess I am in good company!

After a day or so I can usually get into the joy of the quiet but that lasts for about a week. It must be my Event Coordinator side (or if my friends are to be believed, my type – A personality) because my mind usually starts to wonder to what is the next big thing.  So as I sit here basking in our wrap up of an amazing event, I am already thinking of our upcoming Ragtime Ball, Team Ronald Program and if you can believe it our December Lights of Love 5K.  Oh, now that I said that, I think I might need just one more day of quiet!

To check out all our upcoming events or to see an amazing video of Bandana Ball, visit rmhc-austin.org

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