March Madness

by Jane Rose

Ask anyone…my husband Tony and I are big Longhorn sports fans. We both graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and have had season tickets for football for years.

We haven’t missed a football game – home OR away – for 10 years. That’s a current streak of 129 games, including all the bowls.

We also have season tickets for UT men’s and women’s basketball. When we first got our men’s basketball tickets, Tony had to talk me into it since I wasn’t sure how much I’d enjoy it. But by the end of the season I was hooked. And as he’ll tell you, I now LIVE for March Madness.

The Roses in SLC

Me & Tony at the tourney in Utah in 2000

When the 1997 season drew to a close, we decided to follow the men into the NCAA tournament as far as they went. That first year we got sent to Pittsburgh and almost didn’t go since the original flights we found were so expensive, but we found a deal we could work with, went and had a great time. And we’ve been to many terrific places since then, too.

But going to the tourney provides challenges. The way it works is that on Selection Sunday, the brackets are announced and that’s when you find out where your team is going. You have to basically get online or on the phone right then to try and book transportation and lodging since you have to be there in either 3 or 4 days. So it all happens very quickly.

It dawned on me that this is how some families find themselves staying with us…on a moment’s notice. Sometimes when a child is injured, they and a family member arrive by ambulance or life flight at the hospital, without having the chance to have made any advance plans. Once they get there, that’s when the big question arises: where will we

RMHC Austin logo

RMHC Austin

stay? As our wonderful Missy Strittmatter once said, sometimes “you don’t know you need us until you need us.” And we’re glad to be available for the families who do need us, whether they know in advance or not.

This is one reason why RMHC claims a special piece of my heart…along with my Longhorns. And yes, we’re off to Tulsa in a few days. If you watch the UT games, watch for us, too! Hook ’em!

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  1. Ben Cook says:

    Go Longhorns!

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