Sometimes the good stuff happens – like TODAY! (~:

by Jan Gunter

I’m excited to share some great news with you today! Last year we worked hard to create a video that would tell our story in a unique way, and together with our good friends at Shiny Object and Momentum PR, we did just that. The result was “Meet the Digits” – a video that uniquely conveys our consistent messages:

* We help families when they need it most.
* Our doors never close.
* We need your support.

Right now as I write early on Saturday morning, Meet the Digits is one of 16 International Finalists for the DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards. WOW! We received this great news late Friday, and I still can hardly believe it!

This is an amazing honor for all of us who worked hard on the video – Ron, Amber, Anne, Laura, Kent, Ann, me and many, many others!

So today, I’m going to ask for your help. Would you please do two things for us right now?

  1. Please take just a moment to celebrate this wonderful honor with us! We share it with all of our RMHC Austin family – truly!
  2. Please vote for our “Meet the Digits” video now and help us win the big prize and big honor.

More than 750 nonprofit organizations from 4 countries submitted 1350 incredible videos, and now it is our turn to choose the 4 winners in just 3 days of voting.

Winning this award will grant us $2,500 and the opportunity for our video to be viewed on the home page of YouTube for a day! This would be a great honor for RMHC Austin, but the real winners will be the children and families who rely on Austin’s Ronald McDonald House. Last year we served over 1400 families during some of their most challenging times.

When you watch the video and vote for us you get us that much closer to winning this thing.

Here’s a Twitter message that you can share:

@RMHCAustin & @shinytv a FINALIST in National #Nonprofit DoGooder Video Awards. #VOTE Now for “Meet the Digits”:

Here’s the link for you to post on Facebook and invite your friends to vote for “Meet the Digits”:

Finally, let me just say that to be included in this line-up of incredible finalist videos is a true and amazing honor for us. However the voting turns out, we are full of gratitude to be a part of a creative and hard-working bunch of people – staff, collaborators, friends, volunteers, guest families and donors – that make up RMHC Austin. Thank you!

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