Mi Casa es Su Casa

by Danny Reyna

I was flying to Washington D.C. to visit my cousin, and as I looked out the plane window I wondered why there was so much sand down there on the ground. As we approached for the landing, I realized that it was not sand but snow left over from the winter storms. What do I know? I am from Texas.

“My House is Your House”

So I was in a “strange land” up north. I stayed with my cousin in his house for the  two days and nights that I was there. He was appointed by President Obama to be a Federal Circuit Court Judge and I went to his hearings. While I was there, true to our cultural upbringing, he made his house my house or as you have heard “mi casa es su casa” meaning my house is your house.

What a great feeling to be in a strange land yet have a place you can call your own, a place to unwind, a place to eat, to rest, to get cleaned up and to start a new day refreshed.

It’s the little things that make a House feel like a Home

I sincerely hope that in my years with the Ronald McDonald House that I have made the families feel the way my cousin made me feel. I hope that our House has been their House. I think it is always the little things that make a family feel welcome, the smile, the listening ear, putting orange juice out in the morning, making coffee and the forgiveness if they don’t meet your expectations.

I believe our staff knows how to do these little things, that while not always noticed, make this House a Home. And by the way, if you fly to D.C. and see a lot of sand it is probably snow.

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2 Responses to Mi Casa es Su Casa

  1. Vince says:

    The story is great, though I must say that i STUMbled upon this a I was searching an image ‘MI CASA’ is there anyway what so ever that I could have the larger resolution of the image ‘MI CASA ES SU CASA’ for a small mexican restaurant here in London. We love the picture and it would look lovely next to our till!

    We are opening it in the next few weeks and would need the image as soon as possible. Can you please contact me as soon as you read this??

  2. Lisa Mankins says:

    Thanks for sharing that story. A he should be a place of welcome that is why we call it a home. Obviously your family was taught well and even if we are not taught we can listen and learn from people like you willing to share an experience. Thanks for sharing! From a california girl that was so excited that it hailed two wkd ago on the central coast you definitely know I am from California


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