Missy’s guide to replication

Blade Runner was a great film! (Image from rexwallpapers.com)

by Missy Strittmatter

I’m dashing madly to get my post done and am reminded of something that always pops in my head.  Ever wonder what you could accomplish if you had 4 of yourself?  I do, all the time.  I generally operate under the principle if I will it to happen, it will – that and if I drink enough coffee!  Doesn’t always work – even smart people have delusions of grandeur!

My best friend keeps telling me I need a life assistant but I am not sure how one gets one of those.  I can’t seem to find it on the shelf at HEB and they are a very good store! But at least at work, ever so often I have these moments where I can actually replicate myself.  And in that moment of sheer Blade Runner heaven I find myself standing face to face with the most amazing volunteers.

I know we talk about volunteering all the time at RMHC, but these people, these people are special.  Maybe because they are mine, maybe because they bring me coffee, maybe because they gracefully enter the crazy zone that is my office and hit me with a, “Hey, what have you got for me today?”

Some are my interns.  I have been so lucky with the ones I have had. (Let’s talk about who out there wants to fill my summer intern slot – just saying!)  Some have become my friends – you know who you are!  Some float in as if on a summer’s breeze and just pick up where they see things falling off my desk literally and figuratively and get to work.  I adore them all.

Want to be my Intern? – Your Face Here

A few years ago one of the chairs of our Bandana Ball made it her motto “We are all in it together”.  I just love that.  That is how I feel.  We are all in it together, and if you have a team as awesome as I do, you begin to think you can move mountains, change lives and do the work of four people!

Thank you team, as I like to say and I say it often…You’re Awesome!  You make my job better and in so many ways you make my life better.  And if you are up for a tour of duty in the crazy zone that is Special Events, give me a call; we’re a good time.   Then maybe like me, you can accomplish the work of four people.

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2 Responses to Missy’s guide to replication

  1. Amber says:

    I’m happy to provide an RMHC Austin reference to any potential interns–it doesn’t get better than this!

  2. Jane Rose says:

    No fair! You beat me to bragging about our volunteers! They are some of the most wonderful people you could ever hope to meet and I second all of Missy’s thanks, and then some. You know, I could stand to clone myself, too….

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