Setting the bar high

by Ann Jerome

Following Jan with my first blog post is a little daunting…she has set the bar high.  However, I’m not surprised – here in Austin I’ve found that everyone tends to set the bar high on whatever they are doing.  Just yesterday I joined one of our RMHC-Austin volunteers, David Rabke, and 20,000 of my newest running buddies for the 20th Annual Austin Half-Marathon and Marathon.  It was a great day to run around the city, to be grateful for movement and space, and to celebrate health in many ways.  Mentally, I had challenged myself to set the bar high and to run faster than I had in other half-marathons despite having celebrated a few more birthdays along the way.  And I did!

David & I are feeling confident before the Austin half

There were plenty of miles and time to think about what to write today and I kept thinking about how we all set the bar high for ourselves – sometimes it works and sometimes the universe has other plans. I was very aware that I needed to enjoy all of my minutes on the course (even the hills) because a person’s health and life direction can change in a single moment.  Most of our guest families never dreamed they would be in Austin at the Ronald McDonald House with a child who is hospitalized. They’ve set the bar high for the medical professionals to rise to the occasion and hopefully will have positive outcomes.

Over on the fundraising side of things, we are busy trying to outdo ourselves with successful (and fun!) fundraising events like next month’s Bandana Ball. Who knows…maybe I’ll set the bar high this year and test out ole’ “Slingshot” (the mechanical bull) that night.  hhmmm……stay tuned…..

PS – David had a great finish too for his first half-marathon!! Listening to the theme from “Rocky” helped tremendously!!!

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4 Responses to Setting the bar high

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  2. Jane Rose says:

    Way to go, Ann (and David)! Great job on the half marathon and for a great post! It’s fun to learn what each of us does for “fun” outside of work. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Cathy Flynn says:

    You go girl! Inspiring run and inspiring words!

  4. Jan Gunter says:

    We’re so proud of you both, Ann & David. And I can’t wait to see you give ole’ Slingshot a try on March 26! (Photographers – please note – this shot will be on your list for the night.)

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