It’s Official – We’re Finally Blogging!

No fair! Amber is smiling and looking cute in our staff blog launch meeting.

by Jan Gunter

We’ve been talking forever, it seems, about launching a blog here at RMHC Austin, and we have finally done it! I’m Jan, not to be confused with the other glasses and scarf-wearing brunette on the “Meet the Cast” page (see tab above).  I’m the Communications Manager. I was feeling a bit like a failure because it has taken us so long to launch this thing, but now I’m really glad we have waited because one of my amazing interns, Amber Fricke, has led us into this launch in a much better way than I would have – complete with a really doable schedule.

A number of our staff members will be posting on a rotating basis. If my post bores you, please stay tuned because Ann, Derrick, Kent, Jane, Missy, Danny, Beverly and Claire are soon to follow!

We’ll be posting each Monday and Thursday, giving you a fresh, personal, inside look at what is going on around here and how it impacts our mission.

Meagan McCowen

Meagan McCowen, Intern

My life at the House these days is filled with interns! I mentioned Amber and her stellar work on our blog. We’ve also got Meagan McCowen working hard on some press releases as well as the Bandana Ball PowerPoint presentation, and Guillermo Jimenez working with Kent and me on our Bandana Ball video.

Lauren Gunter, my daughter and freelance photographer, and Guillermo Jimenez, intern, taken at Lights of Love 2010

Lauren Gunter, my daughter and volunteer photographer, with Guillermo Jimenez, video intern, at Lights of Love 5K

You can see some of Guillermo’s work from last semester on our YouTube page. PLUS I already have an intern lined up for summer – Crystal Porter. I went from zero to lots of interns in a very short time, and I have to say I like this state of affairs!

And now a family is here to check in, so since Derrick and Jane are both out of the office for a bit, I’ll be checking them in.  It is, after all, all about the families.

I’ll see you next time!

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7 Responses to It’s Official – We’re Finally Blogging!

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  3. Andrea Schulle says:

    Jan – I am so excited to see your blog site up and running! Let us know if you need a post from the community as Freelance Austin LOVES having our meetings at RMHC!!! And also from my Brownie troop – they were very touched by their time at the House. Congrats!

    • Jan Gunter says:

      Andrea – we will definitely be looking for guest blog posts! We’d love to have a post from Freelance Austin AND from your Brownie troop! Both will bring a fresh perspective to different aspects of our work in the community. YES! Thanks so much for reading our first blog post and getting in with us on the ground floor.

  4. Jane Rose says:

    Big gold stars go to everyone involved in getting this off the ground, especially Jan and all of her interns extraordinare! Thanks to all of you for your hard work!

  5. rmhcaustin says:

    Thank you, Deirdre! We appreciate your support of all we are doing over here. Thanks for reading!

  6. deirdrewalsh says:

    I’m so excited to read the RMHC Austin blog. Keep up the great work Jan and the awesome crew of interns.

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